How To Start Liking Running?

How To Start Liking Running?

Are you looking to develop a newfound love for running? Discovering the joy of running can be a transformative experience for both your physical and mental well-being. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to help you start liking running and make it a regular part of your life. From setting realistic goals to finding the right gear and incorporating variety into your routine, we’ll provide you with actionable tips to make running an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Lace up your shoes, and let’s dive in!

How Do You Start Liking Running?

how start liking running? here are a few tips:

How Do You Start Liking Running?
  • Start Slow: Begin with a comfortable pace and shorter distances. Gradually increase your running time and distance as your fitness improves.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Set achievable goals that align with your fitness level and aspirations. Celebrate small milestones along the way to stay motivated.
  • Find a Running Buddy: Running with a friend or joining a running group can make the experience more enjoyable and provide accountability.
  • Mix Up Your Routes: Explore different running routes to keep things interesting. Discover new trails, parks, or neighborhoods to add variety to your runs.
  • Listen to music or podcasts: Create a playlist of your favorite songs or listen to engaging podcasts to make your runs more entertaining.
  • Focus on the Benefits: Remind yourself of the physical and mental benefits of running, such as improved cardiovascular health, stress relief, and increased energy levels.
  • Reward Yourself: Treat yourself after completing a run or reaching a milestone. It could be a small indulgence or a relaxing activity to associate positive experiences with running.

How not to approach running?

How not to approach running?

When it comes to running, there are a few approaches that are generally not recommended. Firstly, don’t push yourself too hard too soon. Starting with excessive mileage or intensity can lead to burnout or injury. Secondly, avoid comparing yourself to others. Each person’s running journey is unique, so focus on your own progress. Lastly, don’t neglect proper warm-up, cool-down, and stretching routines, as they are crucial for injury prevention.

Go slower. You can even walk sometimes

Go slower. You can even walk sometimes

You’re absolutely right. Going slower and incorporating walking intervals is a great approach, especially for beginners or those who are not accustomed to running. By starting with a combination of walking and running, you can gradually build up your stamina and endurance.

This approach allows your body to adapt to the demands of running while reducing the risk of fatigue or injury. Remember, the key is to listen to your body and find a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Expect the struggle: Embrace the boredom

While it’s true that running can sometimes be challenging and monotonous, it’s important to approach it with a positive mindset. Expecting the struggle and embracing the boredom can help you develop mental resilience and push through difficult moments. Remind yourself of the long-term benefits and the sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming challenges.

How liking running more enjoyable by listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, or by exploring new routes and scenery to keep things interesting.

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Make a game out of it

One way to make running more enjoyable is by turning it into a game. Here are a few ideas:

Set Challenges

Create personal challenges, such as running a certain distance within a specific time frame or completing a set number of runs in a week. Challenge yourself to beat your own records and track your progress.

Explore Scavenger Hunts

Design a scavenger hunt where you search for specific landmarks, objects, or natural features while running. It adds an element of excitement and exploration to your run.

Interval Training

Incorporate interval training into your runs by alternating between periods of faster running and slower recovery periods. Challenge yourself to maintain a certain pace during the faster intervals.

Virtual Races or Apps

Participate in virtual races or use running apps that offer interactive features, leaderboards, and achievements. These can make your runs feel like a game and provide a sense of competition and accomplishment.

The goal is to make running fun and engaging, so feel free to get creative and tailor the game to your preferences and interests.

Run with a personal coach in your ear

Running with a personal coach in your ear can be a great way to stay motivated and receive guidance during your runs. There are several options available to achieve this:

  • Running Apps: Many running apps offer coaching features where a virtual coach provides real-time feedback, motivation, and training plans tailored to your goals and fitness level.
  • Virtual Coaching Services: Some platforms provide personalized coaching services where a certified running coach guides you through your runs via audio cues, offering tips, encouragement, and adjustments to your training plan.
  • Podcasts or Audio Programs: You can also listen to pre-recorded coaching sessions or podcasts specifically designed for runners. These programs often include tips, training advice, and motivational content to keep you engaged and inspired.

Having a personal coach in your ear can provide valuable support, technique corrections, and accountability, helping you improve your running performance and enjoyment.

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Run with music or entertainment

Enhance your running experience by incorporating music or entertainment. Create a playlist of energizing songs that match your pace, keeping you motivated and in the groove. Alternatively, listen to engaging podcasts or audiobooks to entertain and educate yourself during your runs. Many running apps offer music integration, allowing you to access curated playlists or create your own. Just remember to prioritize safety by keeping the volume at a level that allows you to remain aware of your surroundings.

Head to the trails

For a refreshing and enjoyable running experience, consider heading to the trails. Trail running offers a change of scenery, a connection with nature, and a varied terrain that can make your runs more exciting. The soft surface of the trails is also easier on your joints compared to pavement.

Research local trails, choose routes that match your fitness level, and embrace the adventure of exploring new paths. Just remember to wear appropriate trail running shoes and be mindful of any potential hazards along the way.

Keep chasing the runner’s high

One way to start enjoying running is by chasing the runner’s high. The runner’s high is a feeling of euphoria and well-being that many runners experience during or after a run. To increase your chances of experiencing this, try the following:

  • Set Goals: Challenge yourself with specific goals, such as increasing your distance or improving your pace. Achieving these goals can bring a sense of accomplishment and contribute to the runner’s high.
  • Mix Up Your Runs: Vary your running routes, terrain, and intensity to keep things interesting. Exploring new paths and challenging yourself with different workouts can help you stay engaged and motivated.
  • Find Your Rhythm: Experiment with different running styles, such as steady-state running, interval training, or long-distance runs, to discover what brings you the most joy and satisfaction.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how running makes you feel physically and mentally. Notice the positive effects it has on your mood, stress levels, and overall well-being.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress along the way. Whether it’s completing a challenging run or reaching a new personal best, take the time to appreciate your achievements.

Practice breathing

Practicing proper breathing techniques can greatly enhance your running experience and help you enjoy it more. Here are a few tips:

Deep Belly Breaths

Focus on taking deep breaths that expand your belly rather than shallow chest breaths. This allows for more efficient oxygen intake and helps you maintain a steady rhythm.

Find Your Rhythm

Coordinate your breathing with your running cadence. For example, you can try inhaling for two or three steps, then exhaling for the same number of steps. Experiment to find a pattern that feels comfortable for you.

Relax Your Upper Body

Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid tensing your upper body. This allows for better airflow and helps prevent unnecessary fatigue.

Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

Engage your diaphragm by breathing deeply into your abdomen. This type of breathing helps maximize oxygen intake and can improve your endurance.

Incorporate Breathing Exercises

Consider incorporating specific breathing exercises, such as deep breathing or alternate nostril breathing, into your pre-run warm-up routine. These exercises can help calm your mind and prepare your body for the run.

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Find your running community

Finding a running community can greatly enhance your running experience and make it more enjoyable. Here are some ways to connect with fellow runners:

  • Join local running groups: Look for local running clubs or groups in your area. They often organize group runs, training sessions, and social events where you can meet like-minded individuals.
  • Participate in Running Events: Sign up for local races, charity runs, or virtual events. These provide opportunities to meet and connect with other runners who share your passion.
  • Utilize social media: Follow running-related hashtags and join online communities on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit. Engage with other runners, share your experiences, and seek advice or inspiration.
  • Attend Running Workshops or Clinics: Check if there are any running workshops or clinics offered in your area. These events often bring together runners of all levels and provide opportunities to learn from experts and connect with fellow participants.
  • Volunteer at Races: Offer to volunteer at local races or running events. This allows you to be part of the running community, meet other runners, and contribute to the running culture in your area.

Connecting with a running community can provide support, motivation, and a sense of camaraderie. You can share experiences, learn from others, and find how liking running new buddies to train with.


Embracing running as a hobby can bring numerous benefits to your overall health and well-being. By following the tips outlined in this guide, such as setting achievable goals, finding the right gear, and adding variety to your routine, you can gradually develop a genuine fondness for running. Consistency is key, so start small and gradually increase your mileage. With time, patience, and a positive mindset, you’ll find yourself looking forward to lacing up your running shoes and hitting the pavement.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start enjoying running, begin with a positive mindset, set achievable goals, find a comfortable pace, and vary your routes.

Starting to run when you don’t enjoy it can be challenging. Begin by setting small, achievable goals, finding a running buddy or group for motivation, and focusing on the mental and physical benefits it brings.

For beginners, start by incorporating a combination of walking and running, gradually increasing running intervals, and listening to your body’s limits.

To train yourself to start running, begin with a structured plan that includes a mix of running and walking intervals, gradually increasing running time, and incorporating rest days for recovery.

To start jogging with low stamina, begin with short intervals of jogging and walking, gradually increasing the jogging time while allowing for proper rest and recovery.

To run without getting tired, focus on building your endurance gradually. Start with a combination of running and walking, gradually increasing your running time. Incorporate proper warm-up and cool-down routines, maintain a steady pace, and listen to your body’s signals for rest and recovery.


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